Tips for Perfect Summer Legs

-  Make sure you moisturize your legs from top to bottom after a shower and right before hitting the beach for maximum benefits. Turn down for the night with one more application of moisturizer for some extra protection overnight.


- Cuts, nicks, and scrapes from your shaving routine can be hard to hide when you’re out in the sun in a swimsuit – they can also be very painful! Avoid the side effects of shaving altogether by switching to waxing, or try laser hair removal to get rid of stubborn hair for good.


- Keeping skin well-hydrated means you’ll need to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day, and more if you’re working out. Carry a water bottle around all day as a reminder to drink up, and make sure you’re eating lots of water-based foods for some extra benefits


- Vitamin C helps increase circulation; the improved blood flow to your legs can prevent varicose veins and keep your legs looking as swimsuit-ready and as healthy as possible.


- If you experience allergies from the season on a regular basis, keep up with your allergy medication and apply topical ointments that soothe and protect your skin.


- If you’ve been looking for an intensive moisturizer, safflower oil offers many moisturizing benefits and will keep skin glowing and resilient. Olive oil is another option, and can be applied at night as a light, massaging oil.


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